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Carefully chosen to make the world prettier, greener and healthier.

Put together with love to make the world prettier, greener and healthier. Every plant has it’s own qualities, which we can tell you everything about. Are you an exporter and do you want to know more about our product range? Don’t hesitate to Contact us. Are you a consumer and do you feel like having a green interior after seeing our plants? We have some great news: you can do that easily through Plantsome.

Green Energy

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Greener, healthier, more durable

In our own way

Growing durable and responsible, that’s what we think is important. With the best team, with al-most fully biological production methods and the newest innovations. Meeting everything and not standing still. Making the world greener and going all out to make that happen. How, what and with who?

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Smart, Innovative and Durable.

Get to know us, what we occupy ourselves with and how we’re organized. With us working is not only rocking hard, as you’re used to in Het Westland, but especially working as smart as possible, so that our people and the earth will be happier and healthier.

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We love working with you! Working together only makes stronger and you’ll accomplish more. Come do an internship with us, ask for a tour or let us join you at your school to talk about the things we do!

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