Mini Manifest

Smart, innovative and sustainable

Forever Plants. A family business, an innovative company, a happy company. Where in the most smart and sustainable way plants are being grown, cultures come together and the pool table is the first thing you stumble upon while entering. Over 30 years we have been specialized in producing tropical plants. Our passion lies here, because plants help us meet our goal: making the world healthier and happier.

Call us crazy, but we believe this is possible. We believe in working in an innovative way. We were one of the first to work with the - now - renowned Walking Plants System. We are drilling for geothermal heat, so we can heat up the greenhouses in the most sustainable way. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge.That’s why we let students think with us to work even smarter.

We believe to promote the well-being of our colleagues by letting them join in thinking about the organization in the most broad way, instead of limiting them to just their jobs. But above all we believe in durability. Together we go all out for the most healthy possible future. Together we are stronger.


Our greats

Richard Visser


Corné van Winden

Jory Spaans

Annette van den Dolder


Nealy van den Berg


Bianca van Dijk

Accountmanager New Business and

Thom Persoon

Diane Prins


Remco Hill

Erik Persoon

Monique Persoon
Our plantdoctors
Our production greats
Our delivery specialists
Onze salespecialisten

What are we doing exactly?

Hard, but above all working very smart

From the start of Forever Plants we are busy making our work smarter. By reducing heavy lifting and by working as sustainable as possible we try to create optimal working conditions so that we strive towards our goal of a healthier world. How we try to accomplish that?
You can read it below.


Own import

Where do Forever Plants' green plants come from? We can tell you a bit more about that! Our plants come from tissue culture, from cuttings and from our partner nurseries in Central America. Want to know more?All about own import


The Plantdoctor

Mart is one of our plantdoctors. That means that he makes sure the plants are healthy and stay healthy. One glance at the plant and Mart knows what needs to happen. How this works? He loves to tell.


Work with us

Are you an exporter and do you want to collaborate with us? Are you a student and are you looking for an internship? Or do you want to work at an ambitious grower and contribute to a greener world? It’s all possible. Make an appointment and we will soon be drinking a cup of coffee or… a drink on Friday afternoon.Contact