Highlighted Plants

In the spot (sun) light.

We are continuously expanding our product range and like to introduce you to these exotics!

Green Energy

Tropical, exotic, lovely green. Within Green Energy you will find all of our imported plants from the rainforests of among others Central America. Think of tropical thunders like the Yucca or different kinds of Dracaena, like the Massangeana, Marginata or Deremensis. For importing of these plants we collaborate with growers in the homelands of these plants.

Dracaena Mix

What women want

In 2020 we entered into a partnership with What Women Want. They put together several collections year round in the field of ceramics, baskets, glassware and various packaging, in short, all kinds of added value items. This collection is contemporary, built from trends, taking into account various style groups. Everything to unburden the customer!